Whites is ready to power your creativity! Our full-service Generator department has everything you could possibly require to power your project, from a small “putt-putt” to 1600 Amp Load-share units. Our state-of-the-art, super-quiet generators are always on the move and are available on trailers, pickups, flatbeds, 5-ton trucks and tractor trailers. We supply not only to film and television but also to live events and a wide variety of projects throughout the entertainment industry.

With our Whites Goes Green™ Initiative, we are constantly working towards the “greening” of our extensive fleet of generators.

This ongoing process includes:

  • Retrofitting the GESi™ exhaust after-treatment and particulate filter systems to provide state-of-the-art diesel engine scrubbers and gasoline catalytic converters for Non, Tier I and Tier II diesel generator engines already in service.
  • Inclusion of Cummins Tier III engines, or the equivalent, on all new or retrofit generators.
  • Extended service intervals to reduce the frequency of waste/waste filters.
  • Evaluation/rebuild of all fuel system and critical inlet system components at time of major engine servicing.
  • Fitting of Engine Crankcase Gas Ventilation Capture (Fleetguard – Enviroguard™ or Racor Crankvent™) devices on generator engines.
  • Use of Ultra-Low Sulphur (<15ppm) Content Diesel Fuel.

Please contact us for further information.

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Vancouver: Garin Josey
Calgary: Sean Toner
Edmonton: Sean Toner
Regina: Craig Aftanas
Winnipeg: Craig Aftanas
Toronto: John "Stetz" Sztejnmiler
Halifax: Matt Lynds


Vancouver: (604) 253-5050
Calgary: (403) 816-6800
Regina: (204) 774-7903
Winnipeg: (204) 774-7903
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